The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and Their Uses

Course description:

This course focuses on the structure of modern English beyond the level of the word. We study how words and phrases are combined in English sentence structure (syntax) from a generative perspective. Our focus will be on both simple and complex sentences. We will also study meaning in sentences (sentence semantics) and how language functions in context (pragmatics).

Course evaluation:

There will be 3 tests of equal weight (31%) and a class participation mark of 7%. The tests are not cumulative. A variety of in-class, homework and test questions will be given, including problem solving, short answer, and multiple choice questions, but the emphasis will be on representing English sentence structure diagramatically.

Required Text:

L. Brinton and D. Brinton. (2010) The Linguistic Structure of Modern English. (2nd ed.). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Chapters 7-11.

No previous linguistics or language course is required. ENGL 330 is not a prerequisite for ENGL 331 but is recommended.

N.B. This course is not open to students who have taken ENGL 329.